Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 8, a wander down memory lane

I fancied another day in town today so headed down to the Paralia (old port) for breakfast, it was busy with people getting on the tour boats and restaurant deliveries.

Once the hustle and bustle had died down I set off up the hill past the tavernas.  You can't get lost, you go uphill you end up at the Acropolis area and if you head downhill you end up back at the port/Papadiamantis Street.

I have no idea how, when or why I developed an obsession with doors, I suppose I'm just curious (nosey!) about what is behind them ...

From here you come slightly in to the right and find yet more tavernas.  I 
love the view from up here and always used to bring friends and family to Anemos taverna when they visited.  The owner let me in to take some pictures before I headed further up.

I carried on meandering my way around the maze of streets with their white houses and crazy paving pathways, every corner leading to a view or picture opportunity. 

I ended up right at the top of town, where there's been a lot of changes in the last couple of year - a new playground and square area being the main ones.  I grabbed a bottle of water at the bakery and say in the shade for a few moments beside the cemetery.  I didn't want to go in as there were a few people milling about and I wasn't sure they'd appreciate a nosey tourist.

I headed back down towards the Plakes area - a peninsula with a tiny beach.  Thee used to be a lovely taverna which was a converted boathouse overlooking the sea, it closed just before I was here in 2003 and to see it today looking so delapitated was so sad.  I'd love to buy it and make a beautiful house and clean the beach area.

After I went to the end of the peninsula I made my way back to the main pathway and started heading back down towards the Paralia (taking yet more pictures lol)
I went back up to the Bourtzi as there were some pictures I wanted to take that I didn't the other day.

I climbed down and sat with my feet in the cool water for ages, watching the boats going out and the planes coming in.
I popped to the toilet before heading back into town, now that's what I call a loo with a view ...

I wandered back up on to bar street, looking to see what was still going and what was new.  Mainly new I must say but that's life isn't it, keeps trundling on and changing.  Good memories though, and now new ones to treasure ...

Na'night peeps xxx

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