Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Holiday Weekend!

Well, our "summer" is finally over as we have had the last bank holiday weekend - far too long to wait until Christmas!!! I think we should have a long weekend every month, it's good for morale!

The weekend was quite busy as I was sorting out my craft room ready for the cat coming, I'm going to settle her in there for a couple of days until she adjusts. I also made a couple of cards while I was in there and finally got my shelf put up!

Monday my parents had planned to visit Houghton Hall, taking Grandad over to the big garden centre but he wasn't feeling well so we ended up getting lost and finding our way to Whitby with my friend Stewart along for the fun!

Never have I been to Whitby when it's been so beautiful - the weather was hot and sunny, the breeze was warm (not the biting force 9 gale it usually is) and there were loads of people paddling in the sea!!! I managed to snap this butterfly right next to where we parked the car and I must say I'm rather chuffed with it!

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