Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What's on the hook Wednesday?

Evening all, I'm all confused this week - having Monday off muddles my brain and I always forget what day it is!

Thankfully it's the peak of the week and we're now heading towards the weekend!

So, what's on my hook this Wednesday?
A baby cardigan.  

But not just any baby cardigan, this is premature sized and its tiny!  
I'm trying to put together a little donation for a local group (Needles Hooks Angels and Preemies) who help hospitals all over the country with a huge range of desperately needed items for baby units - hats, clothes, blankets and even little robes for angel babies.
My mum has already knitted some tiny pieces but I want to add some crochet ones as well.  I'm going to try to make a piece inbetween projects - fingers crossed! 

I'm not a political person in any way whatsoever, but I thought this picture of the Downing Street cat, Larry was appropriate today as we "welcome" a new Prime Minister ..... the speech bubble was my idea 🙊

Made me giggle.
Until next time xx

Friday, 8 July 2016

Time flies

I can't believe where this week has gone!  This time last week I had snoozed my way home from Skiathos.  

Now, the holiday clothes have been washed and put away along with the case and passport.  
And my tan is fading quicker than George Michael's jeans in the 80's!! 
I really hope I can get back next year for my friends wedding, however, I need funds.

So, operation "make" will need to be finalised and launched pretty soon.  

I have a project on the hook now which will be finished this weekend and then it's back to the bunnies as I have a couple of orders in already.  What I really need to do though, is get into my bead stash and start making bracelets again.  Watch this space for my makes - I'll be posting pics!

For now, here's me and my boy living the high life on a Friday night! 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Back to the real world

So, after an amazing two weeks away it was back to the alarm clock this morning and back to work :(

It's rainy, I'm cold and I swear my tan is fading already.
If there was anyway I could divide myself between the two (not necessarily 50/50 I hasten to add) then I'd certainly give it a go.
I can see me with a little set of studios and a jewellery stall on the port, well a girl can dream lol

A catch up with friends after work and a sneaky peak at prices for next year have lifted the holiday blues cloud a little bit.

There's always a rainbow somewhere ...