Friday, 22 January 2010

My Nosey Cat!

I thought I would treat myself to some goodies from the Docrafts sale earlier this week (well, January is such a depressing month, one needs a little cheering up!) and I saw the Doodlebug "Pretty Kitty Essentials" scrapbooking kit and thought it would be a great excuse to scrap some pictures of the lady of the house - Phoebe. Of course I couldn't just buy one item - that would be rude, so a new punch and some paper frills came along too.

Phoebe is my 4 year old rescue cat who has been with me since September of last year - she was rescued from an abusive home where she was very badly treated. Since September we have been learning to live together and building up trust and although she is not a cuddly cat, she seems to love me lots and that's the main thing!

As soon as I put the box down she shot out from her favourite hiding place under the bed and wanted to see what it was so I grabbed my camera. After she lay on the box for a while (she loves to lie on things, usually the clothes you're about to put on or the clean laundry), curiosity got the better of her and she moved and I was finally allowed to open it.

The brown paper packaging proved to be a winner and she sat happily purring on it while I inspected my goodies - such gorgeous bright colours, I can't wait for the weekend to get started. I'm planning a quiet weekend so I can get loads of crafting done but as we all know, the best laid plans...

So I oohed and ahhed over my new goodies for a bit and then went to put things away and throw out the rubbish. I turned around and Miss Phoebe had decided she wanted it - paper and all!

It's not as if she doesn't have a nice selection of warm snuggly places to sleep in - oh no, this little lady is just awkward! I put the things away in the craft room, got myself ready for bed and when I came back she was all tucked up for the night!


  1. Oh Hayley, isn't that just typical, my cats do exactly the same both on laundry and in boxes. Enjoy using your stash.

  2. awww your cat's so cute! I've got a little something on my blog for you. Enjoy your new goodies.
    Rachel xx


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