Monday, 19 September 2016

Day 4: Family outing over the hill

We were all up, fed and ready for action by around 10 and we piled into Uncle Malcolm's luxury vehicle (I know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit) and headed over the hill behind the house to Steni.  The view from the Panorama is absolutely beautiful and you can see straight down the valley to Coral Bay...

We passed through a couple of lovely little villages as we wound our way to Steni.  once a month this sleepy little village holds a crafts and farmers market in the grounds of the Village Museum and there's a lovely community feel as you are welcomed by ex-pats and locals alike who are all more than happy to chat as well as feed you free samples of delicious home made and freshly grown produce.  I picked up a couple of lovely photo cards that I'll frame at home and a jug (heaven knows how I'll get it home!)
Mam and Auntie Joan bought some lovely nibbles and pickles to have later.  I could definitely have myself a little pitch here - I'm sure my photos, jewellery and crochet bits and bobs would go down a treat!

We crossed the road and went into the Neromylos "Watermill" restaurant for lunch, obviously it was busy due to the market but we didn't wait long and the food that arrived was absolutely divine!
Me and Mam shared a platter and for €15 it was an absolute steal

The whole bill for 5 of us including beers was less than €60 - bargain!!

We made our way home and lazed around the pool all afternoon in the sunshine.
The nibbles and dips went down a treat (along with lots of gin)  and after lots of laughs another day was done.

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