Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017 a week old already!

I can't believe we have had over a week of our New Year already, the days are just flying past!

Despite taking my last few holidays and not working Bank Holidays, the days all blended into one and before I knew it we were back to work as if Christmas had never happened - well, apart from glitter which just refuses to go up the vacuum cleaner.

As a crafter, Christmas is always my busiest time and no matter how early I start and how organised I am, it always turns into a mad rush!

I did manage to get 33 chocolate orange covers finished for the local tea shop which I was pleased about.  They had a Christmas pudding theme this year and my little woolly covers seemed to go down well and as far as I know they all sold.

I also had an order for a rainbow jellyfish...

I love these little chappies, they're quite quick to make up and always get a positive reaction.  I was teaching my Mam to crochet using the pattern for these as they're not difficult but she's given up - she thinks it's boring!  I think she needs to concentrate and that's why she doesn't like it but who am I to argue?
I've also finished my first bunny of the year as well but I'm not posting her picture until she's been gifted - which depends on when baby Scott decides to arrive 👶

I even managed a quick make for myself  (I know, things for me are rarer than hens teeth!) Simply Crochet magazine had a lovely cover gift on issue 43 way back in March (link here) of a flower brooch. I thought January could do with a splash of colour and am rather pleased with it ...

I've also got my super chunky cardigan on the go as well which is having the odd round added to it here and there.  My local wool shop (where I go for my crafty chatter on my day off) was having a sale and I picked up some gorgeous wool for a bargain price.  I did have a cardigan in mind but it wasn't working up how I wanted it to so I pulled it out and have started again.  This time I'm attempting this granny hexagon cardigan which I found on Pinterest...

the pattern is from the Baby Prop Shop blog here
I really like so fingers crossed I can get cracking on it :)

Next on my order list is a penguin (when I find a pattern that I like) for another new arrival and then I may be able to get on with my Sheepjes CAL in memory of Wink.
Having said that, I've not finished my hand-stitched moose yet, just got to assemble him and add the finishing touches and see what he looks like.  I might leave him up all year round and change the decoration to suit the season / holiday, we'll see let's get him finished first!

I don't tend to make resolutions but have decided I'd really like to learn how to make socks this year.
I'm going to try crochet first as I think they will be easier and then have a crack at knitted ones, although when I'll get around to it is another matter entirely!

All the best for a wonderul 2017 xxx

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