Friday, 10 February 2017

Sock it to me

I've kind of "frogged" my messy bun hat at the moment; despite the fact I'm almost finished, the fluffy black yarn is driving me mad!
Another rabbit is done and dusted and before I start the next 2 I wanted to get a start on my socks!

I've wanted to make socks for ages and there seems to be a bit of a renaissance for hand made socks at the moment - lovely Lucy from Attic 24  is always showing off her gorgeous fluffies and it's making me want them even more!

I'm not ready for knitting them yet - the thought of 4 needles fills me with fear but I thought I'd have a go at crocheting them.  I bought this gorgeous Opal yarn from Ready Steady Knit my local shop (and where I go for crafty chit chat on my day off) and after much deliberation I decided on a pattern from Simply Crochet magazine issue 24

Not done anything unusual yet so not bad for a first attempt if I say so myself...

Let's see how I get on when I get to the heel!

Will keep you posted :)

PS:  "frogged" in crafty terms means to leap-frog the project and go on to the next one before finishing!

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