Thursday, 3 December 2009

Getting back to normal at last.....

Phew it's been a busy few weeks but thankfully I can get back to some sort of normality.
I had my latest accountancy exam last night and although I don't think I've done very well (we had so much to learn in such a short space of time), I'm just happy it's over and done with.

Congratulations go to my friend Cheryl and her partner Andrew who welcomed baby Lillian Teresa into the world on Saturday! I can't wait to meet up with them all in the New Year.

It's going to be a very festive weekend - I'm off to Chopwell Wood to select my tree and will attempt to decorate it with little or no help from Phoebe the cat! I have no idea what Phoebe's past experiences of Christmas are like but seeing as she was rescued from a violent household I can't imagine it being good. I hope she doesn't decide to climb the tree!! I've also got my first batch of sweet mince pies to make with my own homemade sweet mince - move over Nigella!! And my friend Katie is coming over for a messy day - so we'll be crafting and making Christmas cookies. I can't wait to get the tinsel out, have the Nat King Cole Christmas songs on and have the wonderful smells of baking and clove studded oranges wafting through the house! Ho ho ho!


  1. Great blog, I just love it. Where do you get such creativity.....your cards are fab. Love Barbara


Thank you for your comment, it's always good to know what people think of my adventures and crafty stuff :o)