Thursday, 17 December 2009

Trying Something New

I finally managed a weekend crafting to finish making my friends' Christmas card orders. I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to try out some of the wide range of folding techniques I've seen on all the crafting forums and blogs these past few weeks.

I started with the Diamond Fold for Steven's nieces Jessica and Sophie. Using my favourite Miss Anya stamp, I made them almost identical (just painted them differently)

Steven and Stewart loved them and I hope the girls do too!

Next I tried the Flip Flop Fold for Stewart's card for his Mum. Again, I was very surprised just how easy it was, I followed a step-by-step tutorial like I did for the one above.

Finally I had a go at an Easel Fold card for my Dad to give to Mum. There are absolutely loads of these on the forums and I can see why, they are lovely and quick to make and look really unusual.

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