Saturday, 13 November 2010

Counting down the days...

Hi All,

sorry it's been so long since I posted, I've just had no time for crafting or blogging lately!
I'm counting down the days until my trip to South Africa, I can't believe it's come around so quickly - I'm off on Tuesday!!

I've had my jabs, paid a small fortune for Malaria medication and so I'm all ready to go, just need to pack (a mammoth task in itself - I want to take everything)

Once I'm back I really need to get cracking on my Christmas cards but I'm not thinking about that yet - I have 5 star accommodation, 4 days safari in Kruger National Pak and dinner at Johannesburg's top restaurant to tackle before then!

Just before I go I thought I would post a picture of my Godaughter Athena in the jumper I made for her - I hope you all agree she's as cute as a button...

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Thank you for your comment, it's always good to know what people think of my adventures and crafty stuff :o)