Sunday, 28 November 2010

Goodbye to the bush, day 7

Our last morning of getting up at 5am and after warm muffins (no monkeys this morning!), pastries and tea we set off on our final game drive with Al and Jack. Our first encounter of the day was a small herd of Rhino, followed by something a little more unusual..... male Giraffe are normally quite solitary animals but not today - they had a treat in store for us - 5 of them right in among a group of Zebra! We watched them for ages larking about, the younger group of "bachelor boys" practising their sparring skills by twisting their necks together. My favourite was the older male who wandered on his own closeby to the younger boys - he came right over to us, having a good inspection of our truck and then rested his chin in the "v" shape of the tree!We left the Giraffe and Zebra and wound up the road to a stunning viewpoint for our final stop. After climbing up the rocks to take photos we came down to find Al and Jack preparing the drinks - hot chocolate and shortbread biscuits.

We then moved on passed Earth Lodge and stopped at a watering hole where we could see Hippo basking in the cool water with just their eyes peeking over the top of the water surface.

After our final breakfast, we packed and prepared to leave our bush adventures behind. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and what amazing sights we have seen in the last few days. Our lodge manager Lauren came to say an emotional goodbye and we left with Al to meet Jack at the main gate back to the "real world". One final treat on the way to the gate - we spotted an Elephant having a mud bath to cool himself from the baking hot sun. A perfect end to a perfect experience. We said our goodbyes to Al and Jack and set off on the long drive back to Johannesburg.

It felt really strange being back in a busy city centre as we checked into the Melrose Arch hotel and we went out for dinner at one of Johannesburg's top restaurants "Moyo's" where we all had a bit of warrior face painting done!

No energy for a nightcap tonight, we headed up to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel xx

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