Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What's on the hook Wednesday?

Evening all, I'm all confused this week - having Monday off muddles my brain and I always forget what day it is!

Thankfully it's the peak of the week and we're now heading towards the weekend!

So, what's on my hook this Wednesday?
A baby cardigan.  

But not just any baby cardigan, this is premature sized and its tiny!  
I'm trying to put together a little donation for a local group (Needles Hooks Angels and Preemies) who help hospitals all over the country with a huge range of desperately needed items for baby units - hats, clothes, blankets and even little robes for angel babies.
My mum has already knitted some tiny pieces but I want to add some crochet ones as well.  I'm going to try to make a piece inbetween projects - fingers crossed! 

I'm not a political person in any way whatsoever, but I thought this picture of the Downing Street cat, Larry was appropriate today as we "welcome" a new Prime Minister ..... the speech bubble was my idea 🙊

Made me giggle.
Until next time xx

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