Friday, 8 July 2016

Time flies

I can't believe where this week has gone!  This time last week I had snoozed my way home from Skiathos.  

Now, the holiday clothes have been washed and put away along with the case and passport.  
And my tan is fading quicker than George Michael's jeans in the 80's!! 
I really hope I can get back next year for my friends wedding, however, I need funds.

So, operation "make" will need to be finalised and launched pretty soon.  

I have a project on the hook now which will be finished this weekend and then it's back to the bunnies as I have a couple of orders in already.  What I really need to do though, is get into my bead stash and start making bracelets again.  Watch this space for my makes - I'll be posting pics!

For now, here's me and my boy living the high life on a Friday night! 

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