Saturday, 15 July 2017

Getting my Shirley on... *updated 01 August with pictures!*

Firstly, I have to apologise for no pictures on the posts - for some reason Blogger won't allow me to access my photos on the iPad or iPhone so I'm afraid my posts are going to be even more boring than usual until I can get home and upload photos from a PCs
An it looks as though I'll have to source a better (Apple friendly) blog platform.

Anyway... I'm getting my Shirley on again!
My holiday this year coincides with my friends wedding so I'm here a bit later than I would normally choose - but it's always the best feeling stepping off that plane ✈️
Due to lack of organisation I didn't get to bed until late on Thursday night and then had the worst nights sleep ever.  When the alarm went off at 0445 I felt like I'd hardly closed my eyes! 
Never mind, Dad dropped me off at the airport and after a speedy check in I headed for some breakfast, a good nutritious start to the day was needed so I headed to the nearest eatery and ended up with a warm croissant and a lovely chilled glass of prosecco!
Delicious 😋

After a mooch around the shops the flight was called and we boarded immediately, such is the problem of a small airport at Skíathos we ended up siting on the runway for almost an hour waiting for a landing spot but hey ho we finally were on our way.

Best part of a book later we were coming in to land and a familiar sense of calm settled around me - I love this place so much.

For the first time we "parked" at the far side of the airport apron and actually got on a bus to the terminal - I know!! Those of you familiar with the airport will find this hard to believe but I promise you I wasn't dreaming lol

Luggage, smiley doors, transfer coach and within an hour and 15 minutes of landing I was being welcomed by Asimina and unpacking.  I decided to head straight up to see Taxiarchis and Eleni and just relax at the pool bar.

The walk up Papadiamantis Street saw no significant changes from last year and the welcome at the pool bar was warmer than ever.  I whiled away the afternoon chatting to Eleni before Taxiarchis and Mike arrived and after a good catch up I headed home.
I couldn't be bothered to get dressed and go out so threw a pair of shorts on and popped next door to the tennis club for a salad before having an early night.

A decent sleep and no alarm made me very slow and meh this morning so I finished unpacking and had a lazy day by the pool at the tennis club.
Comfy beds, good music and an awesome frappé and before I knew it, I'd finished my book and was almost halfway through another!!

I decided on a laid back night (are there any other types here?! Lol) and ate a delicious stifado at Nikos before strolling home :)

Beach tomorrow - I have gorgeous homegrown tomatoes and cucumber from Asimina for my picnic :) now to engage the brain and decide which beach to go to ....
Kalinichta x

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