Friday, 21 July 2017

Living a (very) quiet life ... *updated with pictures 01 August*

Well what a boring old so and so I have been over the last week.  I can't believe how little I have done and how quickly the time has flown by just lazing around doing very little!

Sunday morning dawned  warm and sunny and I spent the morning by the pool, but there were weather warnings about a huge storm heading our way.  By late afternoon the clouds were rolling in and I popped to the supermarket for some essentials and prepared to stay put.

It was still raining the next morning, but thankfully the worst of the storm had bypassed my little island.  The Monday was still chilly, wet and windy but I ventured out up to Taxiarchis before heading down to the old port to meet up with friends and the happy couple.  We had a great evening and I headed home just after midnight.
I spent the next day in bed ill - I'm blaming the grill place we went to for dinner, a few people had complained of upset stomach, sickness etc - the weather wasn't all that great so I didn't miss much.

I took it easy for a couple of days and when I finally felt better I headed to my favourite restaurant on the seafront - Scuna for a beautiful Greek salad and moussaka.

Friday was the first time I managed to motivate myself enough to get up and go to the beach.  I spent a lovely few hours on Agia Eleni before the hoardes arrived and had a late lunch at the Golden Bay hotel before catching the bus back and lazing by the pool until the sun went down.

I think my brain has finally switched off after the last few months and I've literally come to a halt.

My goddaughter and her grandparents arrive from Athens on Monday for a few days so hopefully we will explore the island and they will love it as much as I do and the it's the wedding on Thursday before I fly home on Friday! So a much busier second week :)
I need to have a walk around the old town and take some pictures - maybe tomorrow ;)

H xxx

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