Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 1, beach 1

A warm welcome and some familiar faces at the airport and before I could catch my breath I was being dropped off at my accommodation - now, in my day reps or transfer reps did "see - ins" at studios where they took you in and saw you into your property.  Not now, the coach was sent off from the airport with no rep and the driver (who, let's face it is probably already running late for his next transfer in Koukounaries) pointed me in the direction of a gate.  After wandering  down a track I came across a pool bar (not my property) and asked for directions.  Through another garden and I found it, Asimenia.  6 little studios all on ground level set in the most beautiful fragrant garden with lemon, lime and pomegranate trees.

Unpacking can wait, I've got a date with some sand!  Quick change and off I went on my mission to visit the clocktower.  I've never been up to it and 3 in the afternoon is probably not wise but I climbed the steps and the view was more than worth it! 

Welcome home Hayley X

After ambling my way back down I called into Nikos' on Papadiamantis Street and had a drink with him and Julie, it's funny how we all look older but just the same.  Papadiamantis Street looks so different and somehow smaller, some familiar places and plenty of new ones.  The welcome at Taxiarchis is always amazing and after a catch up I took a walk up to Megali Ammos.  In 2003 my little studio backed on to this beach so it was good for a quick dip after airport duty to soothe tired feet.

After a little plodge I got comfy and read my book ..

By the time I walked back through town and called to the supermarket for essentials it was after 9 and I couldn't be bothered to get ready and go out so just had a shower and hit the sheets.

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