Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 9, beach 7

Well what a strange old day.

Really windy early on and when I arrived at Kanapitsa beach it did look rather cloudy back over the Town.  However, I had a dip and settled on my bed.  Not the best beach but the beds are really well spaced out and it was nice and quiet.

After a couple of hours the wind really started to whip up and I could feel the spray from the waves so knew what was coming.  I just started packing my things when the thunder started rumbling ominously, and just kept on rumbling!

I got to the bus stop just as a couple of large rain drops hit the road but it was just a shower, barely wet the ground to be honest.  A couple of lightening flashes and overhead rumbles and it moved off.  The stifling hot air has been replaced by a very pleasant temperature so hopefully things are back to normal now.

When I got back to Town I headed to the pool bar and just relaxed the rest of the afternoon away.  There was another little sprinkling shower later on but nothing exciting.
I introduced Eleni to the delights of crafty websites, she wants to make jewellery like mine, so we spent ages looking at online tutorial videos and beads.

My brain seems to have given up working today, I can't decide if I'm hungry or not or even what I'd like to eat - which is not like me at all!!

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