Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 14, the end is nigh

So here we are, my last day here in paradise.  I was up early and started the packing before heading out for the 9am bus and Maratha beach.

There wasn't a soul on it when I got there apart from the cantina staff who were busy setting up.

A quick dip and it was back to my comfy sunbed for a snooze.  I woke up to find the beach full!

The cheeky swans were back again, I think their routine is to swim around the coastline and greed whatever food they can from the curious tourists.  They're clearly used to being close to people and even pose for pictures.  The one who's always at the back hung around for ages having a preen so I popped over with a couple of crackers and hand fed him!! 

The day passed quietly and I made my way home to do a bit more packing.

I decided to go up to the old port for dinner tonight to one of the tavernas we used to go to a lot.  Anemos overlooks the old port and is a lovely view for sunset/ dinner...

Suitably  stuffed, I headed back up through the winding streets and came out at the Acropolis car park near the pool bar.

An early night is needed I think, got to be checked out early and my luggage is getting picked up at 9am.
Na night loves x

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