Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 10, beach 8

Was up with the larks this morning and on the 0845 bus down to Agia Paraskevi (also called Platanias) at bus stop 16.

My parents loved this beach when they were here.  Like everything else, it's changed and there's no taverna anymore just a little shop for snacks etc

I was there early enough to get a good spot and have a swim before everyone else joined me, in fact I had almost an hour sleep too before it got too busy lol

I went for knees instead of toes today - living life on the edge! 

Not much going on until a really rowdy family arrived, they're here for a wedding tomorrow and I think everyone on the beach knew about it by the time they packed up to go.  Other than them it was quiet.  The sunbed guy was rather yummy but he charged me for both beds so we don't like him 🙊

After a fab siesta I decided to eat at Scuna, one of the restaurants on the club strip (well, what used to be the club strip - I think it's very quiet now). 
And here the ultimate Shirley moment happened....

As soon as they showed me the table I knew I had to get them to take this picture.  Poor waiter thought I'd lost the plot and insisted on taking a facing picture too lol

I need to find a way to slow time down, it's going so fast :(

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