Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 3, beach 3

Happy Father's Day from sticky Skiathos! It's Father's Day here too which is nice as   I'm up at my "Skiathos family's" pool bar for drinkies! 

Blimey it's been hot today, so hot in fact it got really humid around 3pm and it was hazy and stifling so I got the earlier bus home.

I went to bus stop 13 and Vromolimnos beach today.
This was my favourite beach when I was a rep, always good music from the beach bar and lots of workers used to hang out there too.  I forgot that as a tourist on public transport it was a bit of a hike from the main road...

Doesn't look much of a hill until you're halfway up and in need of an iron lung! 
Well worth the walk though, a beautiful, clean stretch of golden sand and the main beach bar has had a face lift too.  Hardly anyone on the beach when I arrived so I walked all the way along to the left where we used to go.  So sad to see the beach bar closed and tatty, lots of good memories from here.

All of these beds on the picture were reserved, so I wandered back to Paradiso and got myself a rather comfy sunbed (€4 for a bed and an umbrella - not bad) 

Lunch was the same as yesterday I'm afraid to say - just can't get enough of those tomatoes! Lol

It's still the Bank Holiday weekend here so it wasn't long before it was busy with Greek families and the noise level rose! 

I sat about an hour or so after lunch and when it got too stuffy I hiked my way back to the bus stop and home for a siesta 😉

Went to Niko's on Papadiamantis Street for dinner and had a little wander around the shops on the side streets, so many lovely ceramics and jewellery.

FaceTime with my parents was an experience lol - I spent most of the time talking to the gap between them on the sofa haha. Was nice to see them though and wish my dad a Happy Father's Day xxx

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