Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 7, beach 6

After the worst nights' sleep in ages I was a bit late leaving this morning but was still on the beach before 10am.

I decided on Banana Beach today as it's another one I've not been to before.
All the way down the island to Koukounaries at bus stop 26, you come back a little way and there's a sign beside the kiosk pointing up a hill .... It's longer and steeper than the one at Vromolimnos and they're more than a bit cheeky because you get to the brow of the hill and there's another sign ...

At this point, what you don't know is that you've got to go down a much steeper hill before the path splits in two ...

You'll be pleased to know I took the left path! 

The beach was nice and quiet so I picked my spot and settled in for the day.  I didn't venture over the rocks to the right of the bay and on to Little Banana, however, plenty of other people went for a nosey at the noody bathers.

The sea felt cooler here but we did have a nice breeze so maybe that had something to do with it.  Temperature shot up when I saw the lifeguard patrolling the shoreline ....

Definitely a Shirley Valentine moment!  

The next one was quite funny, I took myself off for a walk and came across some rocks so had to have a picture with my Greek rock lol

One last swim before I tackled the mountain range to get back on the main road.  I walked back to to next bus stop and stopped off at the Golden Beach Hotel for some food and to use their wifi  to upload yesterday's post.

So, another exciting day in the life of Wor Shirl.  Can't believe I've been here almost a week, where has that time gone? 

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