Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 11, beach 9

Evening folks, it's been another hot day here in paradise.

I headed down to Koukounaries again today and got off the bus at stop 25, made my way past the Golden Beach Hotel and up the hill. Less than 10 minutes later I was at Agia Eleni beach on my sunbed and enjoying the view.

I remember coming here before the season started in 2003 and it was beautiful even then.

Off I went for my dip and when I came back someone was keeping my sunbed warm ...

Poor little sausage, wasn't hungry and didn't want a drink, but snuggled up behind me - just wanted a cuddle.

Look at that little face, cute as a button.

It was so hot again today, I was in the sun then the shade - felt like I didn't sit still all day.  I headed into the beach bar and sat in the shade reading for ages, treated myself to one of their famous  fruit salads ("how healthy?" I hear you cry!) it was absolutely divine ...

I didn't leave the beach until after half 5, it was so lovely when the temperature dropped a bit and most people went home.  Quick shower and change and off up to the pool bar to see what the boys have been up to.

An Italian lady thought me taking pictures of my feet was entertaining and proceeded to get her 2 friends to come and watch me.  I admit I had to take a couple as the shoreline was a bit steep and I kept losing my balance lol 

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