Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 2, beach 2

I awoke just before 8 to the sun streaming through the door and all I could hear were the birds singing and the bees going about their busy business.

I opened the door and the beautiful garden was a hive of activity, so I fixed a quick breakfast and sat out on the patio and enjoyed the peace.

A 5 minute walk down a track and I came out from behind the Alkyon Hotel (which I looked after all those years ago) on to the bustling harbour.  Note to self: the 10am bus is a busy one, get organised quicker in the mornings!  Buses are every 15 minutes so it's a good service, especially now they have new coach style buses with comfy seats and not the rickety old ones with the awful plastic seats that were just no good in the heat! 

I've decided to go to the far end of the island today to Koukounaries.  I can have a good look at what's changed on the way - and boy has it changed! A lot of the hotels have extended and so many have popped up as well, I guess 10 years is too long to be away.

We arrived at Koukounaries half an hour after we left Town and we could have been a million miles away.  I always remember Koukounaries having rows of lovely sunbeds and parasols, a couple of busy tavernas and loud music.  Not today.  No beds, no brollies and just the background sounds of chatter and the lapping of the waves is all you can hear. 

Grabbed myself a spot under the shade of a pine tree and here's today's view:

Pretty cool huh? 

By 1330 hunger got the better of me and I took a wander back along the main road and stopped at the Golden Beach Hotel.

Ah, a proper Greek salad, in Greece what more could you ask for? Well, apart from a side of tzatziki and village bread!

Suitably stuffed, I needed a siesta so headed back up the island to my bed. 
A lovely cool shower and I lay down - I knew nothing for a couple of hours when my neighbours came back and disturbed the quiet. 

Decided to eat at Dionyssos Taverna tonight, I used to do my welcome meetings there and it was one of the reps' favourite places to go.  Bargain dinner (I thought) potatoes gratin, pork souvlaki and a glass of wine all for €20 
Then I headed up to see my little brothers at Taxiarchis...

On my second strawberry daiquiri x

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  1. Loving this blog already, getting me excited for our visit in September. Glad you settled in and started to explore. Perhaps you will call in to see Mike at Oasis and have a Mythos and a dip in the pool. If you do say hello from us. xxx


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