Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 5, beach 5

Howdy folks, I'm a bit early with my post today as I'm off out with friends tonight for drinks.

Well, the last day of my 30's has been a most enjoyable one.  I had a look around the garden this morning, the colours and scents are so beautiful...

The hunt for Maratha beach was solved today by getting off the bus at stop 22 and not 18/19 like the website said so!!

... and I believe I've found my new favourite beach!  I arrived around 0930 and there were only a handful people there.  

I managed a cheeky snooze before I was joined by a lovely couple who I saw at Troulos yesterday and some more swans, I never thought of swans as sea loving birds, however, they are here ...

I didn't leave until after 4pm, after realising the little cantina didn't have a loo, so I wasn't looking forward to the bus journey and walk home.  
After a steep climb back up to the main road (the beach lies down a track below the Skiathos Palace Hotel) I was waiting in the bus stop when my new friend Milos flew past in his car, beeped and reversed back up to get me.  Ah my knight in a little red Fiat!! I met him at Taxiarchis pool bar the first night I arrived and we have become "friends" as you do, chatting at the bar over a beverage.  
What a relief! He dropped me off at acropolis bus stop 4 and I nipped straight into Taxiarchis for a frappe and the loo!!

Well, no siesta today (ooh, get me living life on the edge!) I'm off home now, it's about a 30 minute stroll (no need to hurry, Greek time and all that!) and a cold shower before getting ready to meet Evdokia.

Laters peeps xxx

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