Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 4, beach 4

Bit of a pattern forming here, sorry if I'm boring you!

Really starting to unwind now and stop caring what other people think.  It's difficult being on your own, you spend most of the time wondering what people are saying about you: sad, lonely spinster; fallen out with friend/other half; honeymoon gone wrong???
To be fair, it's likely that nobody has noticed me and there have been no such discussions but you can't help but wonder.  In a way I'm glad I haven't been rescued by Jeanette & Dougie from Manchester (huge Shirley Valentine reference there in case you missed it!) I'm liking this independent woman malarkey. 

Was going to look for Maratha beach today but got out off at the wrong stop and ended up at Troulos Bay instead.  How different to yesterday?? The peace and tranquillity that is rows of English people talking in low voices to each other rather than Greek and German families shouting at their rowdy kids!

We had a couple of swans who paddled up and down the bay regardless of how many swimmers there were ..

Troulos gets it's name from that rock in the background - Troulonisi.  Troulos is the name of the domed church roofs, which is where the rock gets its name from (have I lost you??)

Anyway, I met some lovely couples whilst I was out for my swim (yes, you read that correctly, swim) and one fab lady offered to put sunscreen on my back as her brother always struggles on holiday alone too, bless her.

Lunch at the Troulos Taverna wasn't as good as yesterday but was still nice, I opted for tuna salad today instead of Greek.

Dinner was very Greek 🇬🇷🍺🍴my first gyros in ages!  And it was soooo good, No Name is a little corner shop selling basic grill and salads, a few wonky tables scattered around the pavement and you've got the best people watching spot  to go with your yummy dinner ...

Seeing as I'm on to my second mojito I guess I should get moving, the quest to find Maratha beach continues tomorrow! 

Oh by the way, there are still 26 bus stops - the Skiathos website is wrong (hence me getting lost looking for Maratha today), stick to the SkyMap, always up to date!! 

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