Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 6, no beach but 2 jobs?!

So, the great day has finally arrived, the day I came here for.  I opened my cards over a cuppa and my neighbours from 2 doors down popped over with a little card too.

I fancied a shady day today, so took myself off to Town for a wander.  Many moons ago all the Bourtzi had was a little coffee shop, it is now a proper swanky "brunch cafe", so I did as expected and ordered brunch.  My expensive but very delicious omelette didn't last long and I sat reading my book and taking in the view.  It's a great place for watching the flights coming in ....

Down the other side of the main path I found a little hole in the wall, definitely a picture for the wall once it's been edited I think ...

I spent ages just people watching and enjoying the shade before heading up the steps towards the church.  Rock & Roll bar was famous for its big comfy cushions placed on the steps at night but they've now been replaced by purpose built sofas.  Seeing as the bar was open, I thought it would be rude not to partake of a little beverage ....

Sitting there in my shades and sunhat I felt very "sex in the City" lol Once I was suitably refreshed, I continued up the steps and then had a little meander around the winding streets.  So many gorgeous flowers and pretty balconies, around every corner ...

Saw some beautiful ceramics and glass art as well as driftwood sculptures.

After a siesta I headed back out to grab a quick tea and then up to the pool bar.  Eleni had made me the most delicious cake and everyone sang happy birthday, it was such a lovely end to a great day.  I know I planned on spending the day on a beach sipping champagne, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen due to the ongoing financial crisis lol

Oh, the 2 jobs?? 
Evdokia wants me to go and work for Olympic and Taxiarchis wants me to work at the pool bar.

A girl can but dream xxxx

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